California Traffic Fines for 2011

I was curious to see how the current financial problems with our government (that means you) have impacted traffic fines. As someone who drives a lot for work, I am more susceptible to getting a speeding ticket or maybe checking my phone for an upcoming appointment. Anyways, I put together a list of basic vehicle code violations and their associated fines. As you’ll see, the costs are pretty shocking and it’s clear that increasingly higher secondary taxes will be the trend to fill massive budget shortfalls. From parking tickets to income taxes, the squeeze is on.

So, next time you decide to speed by that stopped school bus full of kids at 75Mph, think twice;)

2011 California Traffic Fines


$436 Failure to stop at a red signal. VC 21453(A)
$214 Unsafe speed, 1 to 15 miles over the limit. VC 22349
$328 Unsafe speed, 16 to 25 miles over the limit. VC 22350
$214 Failure to stop at a stop sign. VC 22450
$616 Passing a school bus with flashing red signals. VC 22454(A)


$214 Failure to obey license provisions. VC 12814.6
$214 Failure to notify DMV of address change within 10 days. VC 14600(A)
$796 Failure to provide evidence of financial responsibility (insurance). VC 16028(A)
$178 Notify DMV of change of address within 10 days. VC 4159

Mobile Phone

$148 Driving while using a wireless phone not hands free, first offense. VC 23123(A)
$256 Driving while using a wireless phone not hands free, each subsequent offense. VC 23123(B)
$148 Driving while using a wireless device to send, read or write text. VC 23123.5
$148 Minor driving while using a wireless phone. VC 23124


$976 Parking in a bus loading area. VC 22500
$976 Violation of disabled parking provisions, first offense. VC 22507(A)
$1,876 Violation of disabled parking provisions, second offense. VC 22507(B)


$178 Unlawful material on vehicle windows. VC 26708
$178 Adequate muffler required. VC 27150
$178 Proper display of license plates. VC 5200


$148 Mandatory use of seat belts. VC 27315
$436 Mandatory use of passenger child restraints. VC 27360
$178 Headsets or Earplugs covering both ears. VC 27400
$178 Violation of motorcycle safety helmet requirements. VC 27803


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