Business IT

Management of digital data and the hardware and software driving that data is absolutely crucial to any business… And now, as much of that hardware and software is becoming cloud-based it’s becoming increasingly necessary to have a reliable small business IT support team to receive both on-site and remote support for immediate resolution of problems.

We work with small businesses ranging from 5 to over 75 users. Nerd Busters is committed to providing your company with dependable, high-quality IT support. Offload and outsource your technology and focus on what you’re good at: running your business.

Our Business IT Services


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Managed IT


Cloud Solutions 150x150 Business IT
Cloud Solutions


WiFi Hotspots 150x150 Business IT
Managed Guest Wireless Networks


Data Backup and Recovery 150x150 Business IT
Data Backup and Recovery


IP Phone Systems 150x150 Business IT
IP Phone Systems
business it 150x150 Business IT
Business Networks

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