Data Backup and Recovery

Data-Backup-and-RecoveryAnyone who has ever experienced hard drive failure knows how disruptive it can be… Data backup with a rapid recovery plan is essential to avoid an expensive data recovery bill. Nerd Busters recommends having both on-site and online backups of all data, including images of all drives to ensure a quick recovery. Don’t wait until you hear the dreaded click-click-click of your hard drive, a “Windows Blue Screen of Death” or Mac “Pinwheel of Death”  . Call Nerd Busters, and learn how you can be safe from data loss by taking preventative measure with data backup – or find out how we can help recover your data.

How can I protect my data from disaster?

Nerd Busters can configure your computer to be fully protected against data loss and hard drive failure. Ideally, your data will exist in at least three locations:

  1. Your computer’s main hard drive.
  2. An external hard drive.
  3. A  remote copy stored in the cloud.

My hard drive is showing signs of failure. What do I do?

If you are worried that your hard drive is failing, we highly recommend that you stop using it immediately and bring it to our shop so we can safely backup your data and replace the hard drive before it fails for good. Any critical data, including work documents or family photos, are potentially at risk. At very least, we recommend backing up your data to an external hard drive or installing a cloud based backup program.

My hard drive failed. Help!

Unfortunately, there are far too many computer users who are either unaware of data backup or simple never thought a hard drive failure would happen to them. We see this frequently and it’s a life lesson no one should have to experience. All you want is to know your data is safe and get back to business. Here are some things to know:

  • Data Recovery can be expensive as it requires highly trained and skilled technicians.
  • Data Recovery is complicated – Until inspected, it’s impossible to know the cost and recoverable data.
  • Be prepared to spend a good chunk of change. Recoveries can range between $200 to over $2,000!
Hard Drive Diagnostic$150/hr
Data Backup$150/hr
Data Recovery (onsite)$150/hr

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