Office 365 Can’t Be Beat for Small Business

Office-365-Square-Logo_originalOffice 365 was officially launched nearly two years ago, and it offers a number of advantages over traditional Microsoft Office software for small businesses. As tablets and smartphones have become more practical for business use through bluetooth keyboards and better data plans, businesses are turning to web apps and cloud storage for productivity.

Spending less for more with Office 365

  • Office Home & Business 2013 includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook for $219.99 for one computer, but Office 365 Home Premium includes the same applications plus Publisher, Access, and 20GB on SkyDrive for $99.99/yr for five computers.
  • The five year cost of Office 365 Home Premium for ten employees is $1000. For the same amount of time and employees, you would need to spend $1400 but you wouldn’t get Outlook, Publisher, or Access without getting Office Professional 2013, which is $399.99 for just one computer!

What Office 365 has that regular Office doesn’t

  • Instant and free access to new versions of Office products
  • Multiple device installs
  • Compatibility with smartphones and tablets.
  • 20GB of SkyDrive storage to save documents online for easy access and sharing
  • Office on Demand (see next section)

Office on Demand

An Office 365 subscription includes Office on Demand, which let’s you access your Office documents and applications from any Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer through This is not a web app. Office on Demand streams your Office applications to whatever computer you are working from so you get the same suite of features and functionality that you have on your work computer. And because your documents are saved on SkyDrive, Office on Demand eliminates the need for time consuming tasks like keeping a USB flash drive up to date with your documents and e-mailing files to yourself.

Never worry about keeping track of the Office product key you purchased years ago. Stop using outdated software that doesn’t have new and improved functionality. End your reliance on physical media. Purchase an Office 365 Home Premium subscription today.

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Music Streaming

he interwebs offers a slew of music streaming services, all of which can be accessed from your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, laptop, desktop, and in some cases even your smart TV or set top box like Apple TV or Roku! What exactly is music streaming? When you stream music, you are locally playing music […]

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Customizing Android

e’re taking a break from terminology this week to cover some basic information regarding the customization of Google’s smartphone operating system – Android. First, for those not in the know: Google, unlike Apple, provides their mobile operating system under an open source license, which is why you see LG, Asus, Toshiba, Sony, Acer, Samsung, HTC, […]

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The Demystified SSD: Part II in Terminology

SSD – solid state drive, a type of storage device. ecause you are reading this blog (from “web log”), you are using the internet and have therefore probably heard of a hard drive. That’s the relatively heavy, rectangular thing inside your computer where all of your permanent data is stored. Round magnetic platters spin really […]

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Terabyte: Part I in Terminology

Nobody likes to appear ignorant. Yet among the technologically challenged, it is almost a source of pride to not know what the heck those computer guys are going on about. Well snap out of it! We now live in the world of the SSD, terabyte, tablet PC, and bandwidth, so if you want to follow […]

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Moore’s Law and the Binary System

n 1965, an engineer at the Fairchild Semiconductor Company wrote a paper for Electronics magazine in which he predicted that the number of transistors within an integrated circuit would double every two years. As the years progressed, this prediction was found to be startlingly accurate. This engineer was Gordon Moore, and the prediction came to […]

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Password Security: 101

aise your hand if you have more than one computer. If you are reading this on your iPad or even your phone, then you should have a hand in the air. Every device with a microprocessor is a computer – that means your phone, your tablet, your laptop, and of course your desktop computer. With […]

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The Cloud: What is it, Why do I want it, and How much does it cost?

e’ve all been there. Your trusty old computer was getting slower and louder, but as long as it turned on, all was well. Then one day, completely out of the blue, silence. No lights, no sounds. In an instant, photos of your family vacations, wedding, and graduation appear to have made the transition from megabytes […]

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Access your computer anywhere

o you store things on your computer that you’d like to access while at work, on the bus, or while out and about? Do your parents in a different state need computer help? If you like the idea of being able to remotely control a computer from your cell phone or any other computer or […]

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Delete instead of Archive your Gmail on iPhone

f you use the Mail app on your iPhone to access one or more Gmail accounts, you may have discovered that, by default, you are unable to delete e-mails. Instead, e-mail is simply archived, removing it from your Inbox but leaving it in your Gmail’s “All Mail” folder. Fortunately, there is a way to change […]

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