Nerd Busters can help with virtually any technology related problem that the modern consumer encounters. Created as an alternative to today’s Nerd and Geek based technical support providers, Nerd Busters provides a full range of tech support services, including computers, home networks, mobile devices, and pretty much anything else that has buttons or needs power.

We also believe that our customers deserve friendly, charming, and presentable techs who communicate without complicated technical jargon. Our goal is to take the complexity out of daily interactions with technology and put you back in control.

Why use Nerd Busters?

  • We’re smart
    We know almost everything when it comes to technology. ┬áIf we don’t know how to fix your problem, we’ll quickly research the best solution.
  • We have experience
    Our technicians not only possess technical certifications but have the experience to back them up.

So take a look at our site, check out our competitors, and judge for yourself if you think we’ve got what it takes.

Nerd Busters Computer Repair