Cloud Solutions

The costs of server upkeep and maintenance is driving many businesses to the cloud… With web connectivity at the fingertips of every smartphone user, it just makes sense. Thanks to services like Google Apps, your company can access mission critical files and software both on the go and while in the office. Contact Nerd Busters today to get started with cloud solutions!

What do you mean by the “Cloud”?

“Cloud” is simply a term used to describe online data management. You’ve been interacting with the cloud since you sent your first e-mail. As bandwidth speeds and storage capacities have increased over the years, it has become much more common to interact with data on a remote rather than locally.

Google AppsNerd Busters is a certified google apps reseller. We have worked with may individuals and organizations to migrate their email to the cloud. If you are looking to save money and improve the reliability of your email system, Google is a perfect choice. From enhanced security and data safety to seamless collaboration and mobile access, your employees will appreciate the intuitive interface they are most likely using already with their personal email.

Nerd Busters will perform a pain free migration of your existing email and data to Google’s servers and provide ongoing support to keep your team up and running. We can also work with you and our partners to assist with integration into leading software providers such as SalesForce and QuickBooks.

Google Apps MigrationFrom $499
Microsoft Office 365 MigrationFrom $499
Annual Fee per UserFrom $50

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