How a slow computer eats your time

SlothComputers are supposed to make our lives easier so we have more time, right? So what happens when your computer is bogged down by spyware and useless programs? Does it take longer for your system to boot than it does to make a cup of coffee? If the answer is yes, then we’ve got a problem.Let’s take a look at a few of the ways a slow computer can affect you:At Home:
You’re having friends over and you’re going to make this killer meal that you saw online. All you have to do is check your email, since you sent a copy of the recipe to yourself. But your computer’s taking ten minutes to boot, and with all of the problems it’s been having lately, you cross your fingers when you open your web browser. “Don’t crash, don’t crash, don’t crash,” you think…and when the Firefox logo pops up, a sense of relief washes over — it didn’t crash! GMail starts to load, but just when your email appears, you get that not-so-fun message that Firefox crashed. Frustrated, you want to reboot your system, but your computer is stuck “thinking” about something. After shutting down, rebooting, and trying again, it’s a good 20 minutes before you get that recipe, which pushes all of your plans back and forces you to hit some traffic on your way home.

At Work:
Working from home has made life a little easier except when you have an early morning deadline — and you didn’t even know about it thanks to your slow computer! You get up in the morning, make your morning coffee, and set out to check your email…except the slow boot period leads into an immediate crash when you try to log in. Frustrated, you start the whole sequence over and walk away from the screen to brush your teeth. When you return, your teeth are nice and clean but your computer spends forever “thinking” instead of finishing the start-up. Finally, you say the heck with it, you get dressed and go into the office. You check your email only to find that you’re missing an important conference call RIGHT NOW that you should have known about but your slow computer wouldn’t boot.

Slow and troubled computers aren’t just annoying, they become a burden that we wind up reconfiguring our lives around. Need info on the computer? Better practice your zen skills to ensure that you’ll get the information you need. Patience is a virtue.

Who has the time to do that? Yes, there can be a thorn in the cyber-lion’s paw, and that’s where Nerd Busters can help — give us a call if you’re losing precious time to your slow computer. In about an hour, Nerd Busters will clean up and¬†optimize¬†your computer so you’re back in the driver’s seat. Money well spent.