iPad App Fall 2012 Roundup

With summer winding down, it’s time to take a look at what the iPad has to offer.┬áIf you’ve taken the plunge and adopted Apple’s wildly successful iPad, then you already know this: Apps are everything.

A stock iPad already has basic functionality like Maps, Camera, Photos, Safari, Mail, and so on, but if you really want to take advantage of what the iPad has to offer, you’re going to be downloading apps from the App Store!

Note: The App Store frequently makes paid apps free for a short time. The pricing information for each app is current as of the time of this posting.

1. AppStart for iPad (2012 Edition) – FREE

Great for newcomers to the iPad, this app tells you what apps you should get and why.




2. StumbleUpon! – FREE

Tell StumbleUpon what interests you, hit Stumble, and go! It will take you to a random website, photos, or video that corresponds to one of your interests.



3. GoodReader for iPad – $4.99

GoodReader has been labeled as an excellent PDF reader. However, simply calling it a PDF reader does not give it the credit it is due. Sure, it can read documents, but it can also sync with iCloud, SugarSync, any FTP, SFTP, or ADP server, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Also, it reads .doc, .ppt, .xls, .txt, .html, iWork files, audio files, and video files.


4. Pandora – FREE

Pandora is a streaming music player. Tell it what artist you like, and it will play music by and similar that artist. It does the same thing for individual songs!



5. TuneIn Radio Pro – $0.99

Stream live radio from almost any radio station in the world.




6. TeamViewer– FREE

Install TeamViewer software on your Mac and PC and control it anywhere you have internet access on your iPad!



7. Skype – FREE

Video chat and text chat to anyone else using Skype.




8. Dropbox – FREE

Drop a file or folder into the Dropbox folder on your PC or Mac and open it on the iPad!




9. SugarSync – FREE

Like Dropbox, but choose ANY folder/file to synchronize across your devices.




10. Appsfire Deals – FREE

Like this list of apps but need more? Appsfire Deals lists apps that are discounted or have become free. The list is always changing, so remember to check it every day!



If you like games, try these: Tower Defense, Boxed In, Osmos HD, Voodoo, Contre Jour HD, A-Breaker, Carcassone, iYutnori