Virus Removal

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virus removal Virus RemovalWeird security messages. Random pop-ups. Screen freezes…
These can all be indications that your system has become infected with a virus or malware. Viruses can completely cripple your system, not to mention compromise your data. Most viruses do more damage the longer they are on your system. Not sure if you have a virus or not? Get a virus removal today! Stop by our Mission office in San Francisco for a free diagnosis.

You may need a virus removal if:

  • You open up your browser and it automatically goes to a suspicious start page
  • You get odd pop-ups when browsing common sites like YouTube and Facebook
  • You get warnings that claim to be from the FBI, NSA, CIA, or other government organizations
  • You get pop-ups telling you that you have a virus and to pay to have them removed – These pop-ups are the virus
Virus Removal$150/hr

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