PC Repair

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Nerd Busters offers a wide variety of PC repair for laptops and desktops… We can upgrade or replace software, internal hardware, and external peripherals, among many other things. Check out the list below to see if we can help you. If the service/part you require is not listed, please contact us! The sheer volume of available PC upgrades and repairs makes it impractical to list every possible scenario.

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Computer Tune-Up

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Virus Removal


Signs your PC needs to be repaired:

  • It is way louder than it was before
  • It has gotten much slower
  • Random errors pop up on the screen
  • It takes forever to start after turning it on
Drop Off Diagnosis$49
Hard Drive UpgradeFrom $199
Memory UpgradeFrom $149
LCD ReplacementFrom $249
Optical Drive ReplacementFrom $149
Windows UpgradeFrom $199
Tune Up$149
Data RecoveryFrom $199
Custom PC BuildFrom $599
On-Site Repair$125/hr

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