Computer Tune-Up

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computer tune up Computer Tune UpIs your computer slow, riddled with software you don’t use, or prone to unresponsiveness? Nerd Busters technicians possess the tools and know-how to get your PC or Mac back up and running the way it used to be. Stop spending your life waiting on your computer. Don’t think that a slow computer means a retired computer. Sometimes a Computer Tune-Up is all it takes!

Schedule a Computer Tune-Up so you can get back to being productive.

You need a Computer Tune-Up if:

  • Programs aren’t opening as fast as they used to
  • It’s taking longer after turning on your computer before you can use it
  • Windows Update is giving you errors instead of updating
  • You have Windows Vista and it won’t let you install Service Pack 2
PC Tune Up$150/hr
Mac Tune Up$150/hr

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