MacBook Air Repair

MacBook Air repairApple single-handedly pioneered the ultrabook market in 2008 with the release of the MacBook Air…. Although Apple sacrificed storage capacity by opting for an SSD (solid state drive) instead of a standard HDD (hard disk drive) in the MacBook Air, SSDs are faster, cooler, and quieter (read: silent) than traditional hard drives. Also, because SSDs use flash memory instead of spinning discs with mechanical read-and-write heads, they are not prone to damage as a result of movement, vibration, or drops. Some MacBook Airs have replaceable SSDs, although the newer models have a proprietary SSD that is only replaceable by Apple.


The MacBook Air is an amazing piece of technology, but it is still prone to many of the problems that plague computers. Upgrades and repairs will vary based on model, but in general, we can replace or upgrade your hard drive or memory (RAM), replace a broken display assembly and troubleshoot software errors as well.

Have questions about Time Machine backups, Software Update, or upgrading to a new version of Mac OS X? Call us for MacBook Air repair today!

Drop Off Diagnosis$49
SSD UpgradeFrom $249
Memory UpgradeFrom $149
LCD ReplacementFrom $299
Mac OS X UpgradeFrom $99
Data Recovery$199
On-Site Repair$125/hr