iMac Repair

iMac RepairThe iMac is quintessential to Apple’s image… It’s design has been overhauled many times in its 15-year history, although the iMac G5’s introduction in 2004 set the standard for what the iMac looks like today – an LCD monitor with ports for external peripherals. Today’s iMac is thinner and more powerful than ever. Although it may not contain the raw power of a display-less Mac Pro, it sets the standard for a mid to high range all-in-one desktop with sufficient specs for most home and business users.

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The iMac may look simple, but cramming all of that hardware into such a tight space doesn’t make it any less prone to failure than other computers! We can replace or upgrade your hard drive or memory (RAM), add a solid state drive, and troubleshoot software errors as well.

Have questions about Time Machine backups, Software Update, or upgrading to a new version of Mac OS X?

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Drop Off Diagnosis$49
Hard Drive UpgradeFrom $199
Memory UpgradeFrom $149
LCD ReplacementFrom $249
Optical Drive ReplacementFrom $149
Mac OS X UpgradeFrom $99
Data RecoveryFrom $199
On-Site Repair$125/hr