Mac Pro Repair

Mac Pro repairAt up to 12 CPU cores, the Mac Pro is Apple’s performance beast… Where the Mac Mini and the iMac take the unconventional approach in their visual design, the Mac Pro goes back to the basics with a display-less mid-tower sporting an optical drive on the front and external peripheral ports on the back. Although it may resemble a PC on the outside, Apple’s placement of the Mac Pro’s innards reflect their devotion to the motto, “Think different.”  With RAM slots attached to trays that slide into the motherboard, horizontal placement of up to four storage drives, and even two CPUs on some models, the Mac Pro is perhaps Apple’s most customizable line of computers.


The Mac Pro is a well made behemoth, but there are still plenty of things that can go wrong. We can replace or upgrade your hard drive or memory (RAM), replace a faulty optical drive, troubleshoot software errors, and much more!

Have questions about Time Machine backups, Software Update, or upgrading to a new version of Mac OS X?

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Drop Off Diagnosis$49
Hard Drive UpgradeFrom $199
Memory UpgradeFrom $149
Optical Drive ReplacementFrom $149
Mac OS X UpgradeFrom $99
Data Recovery$199
On-Site Repair$125/hr