Boots on the ground: Limitations of Remote Support

Limitations of remote tech upportRecently, we received a service request to fix several computer issues for a new customer. Upon arriving, we discovered that the customer was the CEO of the largest online computer support company. Initially, we thought they were just performing some competitive analysis of a new and local provider. But, after some discussion, the customer admitted that his company can fix many problems remotely, but not all.

Remote support is akin to fighting a war using only the air force. You can get a lot done, but ultimately, you need troops on the ground to secure territory. Here are some of limitations of remote support.

1. Network Connection Required – Techs need access to your computer using a functional Internet connection. If you’re having networking or connection issues, there’s no way to fix the problem directly, so you the only option is to spend many long hours on the phone, which defeats the point of having someone else fix the problem.

2. Hardware problems cannot be easily or accurately diagnosed – Often times, a customers computer will not function because of faulty hardware such as a bad memory stick or graphics card. If the computer is not booting, it can be very difficult and frustrating to assess the problem remotely. Having someone on site is the most practical solution and allows the tech to make repairs or replacement faulty components on the spot.

3. Severe Malware interference – Some severe viruses can interfere with installing programs or even accessing the internet. If this is the case, then the average customer will their work cut out with the help of the remote support tech to allow access to the computer.

4. Not a holistic approach – Using remote support only does not allow a tech to fully assist a customer. Added value services such as wire management , cleaning and whole home tech consultations aren’t possible.

5. Personal touch – Most people call a tech suport company like Nerd Busters because they are either at their wits end or are desperate for help. The physical presence of a tech can be comforting and assuring when a customer experiences major problems.

Further more, who are you really working with? Is the tech in Denver or Dehli? Communications with international workers can be spotty with connection issues and of course, language issues.

For a full service, hands of experience, the best option is to use a quality tech support company. Yes, it’s going to cost more, but chances are you’ll get what you paid for and built a trustworthy relationship with someone who will understand your needs and consistently be available for support.