SugarSync – My favorite online storage and backup option

Try SugarSync Free!
I recently met some of the guys from SugarSync at gdgt live in San Francisco and was very impressed with the service. Not only do they meet or beat or on free storage (5GB vs. 2GB), but their paid plans are a much better deal as well. Also, I really liked that SugarSync does not have a file size limit, so you can theoretically upload a giant file up to the max storage capacity of your account.

The user interface is fantastic with a very clean management panel that gives you quick access to your files and shared folders. SugarSync also improved on their mobile app, which is available for pretty much any phone except Gordon Gecko’s old brick phone. The feature-set hands down beats every other backup and file  sharing competitor and I can’t find any weak points to the service offering.

To try out SugarSync, click on this link to sign up for a paid account or  use a free 5GB account. It’s not going to back up your whole computer, but you can easily share most files with your friends, family and coworkers.