Home Theater

Home-TheaterFor decades, the television has been the focal point of home entertainment… With today’s HDTV’s now able to access the world wide web and a plethora of services like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and iTunes streaming, the TV will continue to be a source of entertainment for decades to come. At Nerd Busters, we focus on simple theater systems that both perform well, are easy-to-use and offer a high degree of reliability. Unlike many high-end providers, Nerd Busters will never try to over sell you with overly elaborate, maintenance intense systems.

Performance within Reach

Nerd Busters is an authorized reseller of some of the finest home theater brands including Yamaha Aventage Receivers, Samsung TVs, Martin Logan, and Atlantic Technology Speakers to name a few. We can put together systems ranging from a simple TV and SoundBar combination to elaborate projector systems with Dolby 9.2 Channel surround sound. We always recommend practical, affordable systems that maximize our client’s budgets.

Get help with:

  • What size TV should I get? LED, LCD or Plasma?
  • What’s are the best speaker options for my home theater?
  • Should I get an AppleTV, Roku or other streaming device?
  • Is it possible to hide my home theater components?
  • Can I afford a projector for a true cinema experience?
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A/V Component Setup$150/hr