Poor AT&T, “I can’t take this abuse anymore!”

att 300x242 Poor AT&T, I cant take this abuse anymore!Are you angry with AT&T? Frustrated with unbelievably poor service and incompetent customer support. Or are you thrilled with the company and it’s just that you’ve been storing up all that negative energy form the week and need some poor, hapless soul to vent it on? Well, either way, you’re apparently not alone, so much so that the new AT&T TOS includes particularly interesting verbiage in section 1.2. A valued new Nerd Busters support plan customer passed this on after receiving it via email:

Abusive Treatment: We have added language that allows AT&T to terminate the service of customers who repeatedly harass or abuse our employees.

AT&T terminate it’s own customers for abusive behavior? Can you imagine? This is utterly laughable and really sheds some light on the inner workings of the $166B telco giant. If you have an iPhone or subscribe to any AT&T service, you’ll be quite familiar with poor service, confused support agents and expensive monthly bills. What accessible recourse do you have to terminate an iPhone contract for all the dropped and missed calls through out the San Francisco Bay Area? Sure, we could spend hours of our time attempting to receive refunds or just cancel the service without some exorbitant termination fee, but who has that kind of time?

I’m not saying anyone should have to receive abusive behavior, just that I have no confidence that AT&T attempts to provide consistent, honest and respectful service to it’s customers. DUH! Your service is terrible!

If AT&T wants to avoid some of these harsh calls, perhaps spend the big bucks on enhancing coverage of your network, hiring better employees and implementing systems that don’t require the customer to repeat the issue to a new phone droid every call or transfer. Serve the customer.

So next time you need to call AT&T, make sure you take your Xanax, turn up the Air Supply and lite those relaxing lavendar candles. You’ll need ’em!