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The Demystified SSD: Part II in Terminology

SSD – solid state drive, a type of storage device. ecause you are reading this blog (from “web log”), you are using the internet and have therefore probably heard of a hard drive. That’s the relatively heavy, rectangular thing inside your computer where all of your permanent data is stored. Round magnetic platters spin really […]

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Terabyte: Part I in Terminology

Nobody likes to appear ignorant. Yet among the technologically challenged, it is almost a source of pride to not know what the heck those computer guys are going on about. Well snap out of it! We now live in the world of the SSD, terabyte, tablet PC, and bandwidth, so if you want to follow […]

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Moore’s Law and the Binary System

n 1965, an engineer at the Fairchild Semiconductor Company wrote a paper for Electronics magazine in which he predicted that the number of transistors within an integrated circuit would double every two years. As the years progressed, this prediction was found to be startlingly accurate. This engineer was Gordon Moore, and the prediction came to […]

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